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Elisabeth Wood - Friend of the Bride - Maid of Honor

God uniquely brought Elisabeth into my life at a Christian Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC in 1997. We attended high school together at Ursuline Academy the following year. Elisabeth is a faithful friend who encourages me to think deeply about life and challenges me in my relationship with God and Ross. She recently graduated from Samford University and is currently working in Cincinnati with a financial firm.

Katherine Housh - Friend of the Bride

Katie is a sweet friend that the Lord provided in high school. I will always remember the night she had to sit on me to paint my toenails because I was too ticklish to do it myself. She has always been by my side to love me and has been such a great friend over the past nine years. I can always depend on Katie to share the truth in love. She is currently teaching kindergarten through second grade in Monterrey, Mexico with Back to Back Ministries.

Ashlee Knight - Friend of the Bride

Ashlee is my event planning partner in crime. We became close as college roommates for three years at Indiana University and served on the Campus Crusade for Christ Events Team together. I absolutely cherish the friendship I have with Ashlee. She has a genuine heart and always seems to know how to encourage me when I need it most. She is currently completing her senior year and will graduate in May 2006.

Laura Campbell - Friend of the Bride

I met Laura my freshmen year at Indiana University. She became my Bible study leader through Campus Crusade for Christ and quickly became a friend and mentor, as she invested time and wisdom into my life. Countless hours were spent praying for direction in both of our lives. After she graduated from IU in 2004 and moved back home to Arizona, Laura remained an important part of my life through email and phone updates. Laura is currently working for World Evangelism for Christ as a trainer/leader for overseas missionaries.


Ryan Chasey - Brother of the Groom - Best Man

Ryan is my only brother, my first friend, and my best buddy. Our relationship has matured from him teasing me and tricking me into doing his work to long lasting, brotherly friendship. Ryan is getting/was married on October 22, 2005, so he has firsthand wedding experience. He and his wife Angie both currently live and work in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ryan is a strong leader and gentle friend.

Brian Shakley - Friend of the Groom

Shakes (one of Brian's nicknames, Heartthrob is another one of my favorites) and I first met in grade school, then formed a friendship in high school newspaper, and grew much closer as we lived together throughout 3 years of college at IU. Brian has big heart and loves God with all of it. Both his words and his example have challenged and encouraged me in so many ways. Brian is currently a photographer for a group of newspapers in Littleton, Colorado.

Erik Olsen - Brother of the Bride

Erik is Heather's 20 year old brother. He is a junior majoring in Computer Graphics and Design at Purdue University. I met Erik on one of my first visits to Heather's home in Cincinnati. He was kind enough to allow me to stay in his room, and I was kind enough to snore all night and keep him awake. Sorry about that. Erik is a great drummer and is currently part of a band at school called Robot. He has a dry wit, that will always make you laugh, and is great at impersonating anyone.

Greg Olsen - Brother of the Bride

Greg is Heather's 14 year old brother. Since snoring in Erik's room, Greg has been nice enough to let me stay in his room during my visits to the Olsen family home. Greg is quite the skateboarder. I respect the fact that regardless of the type of clothes that Greg wears, he will always wear skating shoes with the outfit. We’ll have to see if gym shoes are appropriate attire for the wedding. I am glad that Greg is one of the G-men for the wedding.


Chris Davis #16 - Eric Thomas #34 - Kyle Wynn #28

I am not sure that I can talk about these three guys individually. They are a team (team name: Regulators), and we are all close comrades. Thomas, Davis, Wynn, and I have been friends throughout high school, and we have maintained long distance friendships throughout college. When reconnecting throughout the summers, we always enjoy one another's company whether we are playing wiffle ball or traveling to the original Wendy's in Ohio or just hanging out at Thomas's house (our second home). By the time wedding comes around Thomas, Davis, and Wynn will all be alumni of IPFW, Purdue, and Hanover, respectively. I respect and love these men, and I am honored that they are willing to support me as ushers. Take that, rewind it back, Thomas, Davis, and Wynn got the moves to make...

Ring Bearer

Harrison Hall - Cousin of the Bride

Harrison is Heather's 6 year-old cousin and godchild. He is hilarious and takes the spotlight whenever possible. We're so glad he'll be a part of our big day!

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